Type of Unit
Weekdays & Weekends
Additional Charge for Fifth or Sixth Person in the Upper & Lower Suite, Manta,
Sting Ray Room
Clown Fish
(Upper Suite)
Php 5,000.00 (4 pax)
Php 500.00/per night
Frog Fish
(Lower Suite)
Php 5,000.00 (4 pax)
Php 500.00 /per night
Bull Ray Room
Php 6,000.00 (6 pax)
not allowed
Sting Ray Room
Php 4,000.00 (4 pax)
Php 500.00/per night
Manta Room
Php 5,000.00 (5 pax)
Php 500.00/per night
Seashell Room
Php 3,500.00 (2 pax)
not allowed
Pebble Room
Php 3,000.00 (4 pax)
not allowed

Remarks: For Upper and Lower Suite Accommodations, option to use bbq grill, add Php 500.00. For Bull Ray, Manta, Sting Ray, Seashell and Pebble Rooms, option to use bbq grill, 2 burner gas stove, rice cooker and cooking pots, add Php 750.00. Please bring your own utensils (i.e. spoon & forks, plates, cups/glasses)


  Adults Kids (Below 7 years)
BREAKFAST Php 350.00 Php 200.00
LUNCH Php 450.00 Php 300.00
DINNER Php 450.00 Php 300.00


  1. Cost for One-way Transport ------ Php 5,000.00 per van, Manila to Tali Beach & vice versa. Maximum four persons plus luggages.
  2. Cost for Round trip Transport ------ Php 10,000.00 per van. Manila to Tali Beach & vice versa. Maximum four persons plus luggages.
  3. Transportation to/from Nasugbu Town Proper to Tali Beach ------ Php 300.00 /person per trip.
  4. Transportation to/from Punta Fuego/Terrazas & Tali Beach ------ Php 200.00 /person per trip.
  5. Check-In Time 10:00 am to Check-Out 2:00 pm of the following day.
  6. Day Use of the Facilities namely the Pool & Changing area by Scuba divers during regular weekends/weekdays. Check-In Time 0800 Hrs to Check-Out Time 1800 Hrs of the same day ------ Php 1,000.00/per person. This package is limited to scuba divers and requires a minimum of four up to a maximum of six divers. The rate includes a set lunch. The dive package is separate.
  7. Request for the use of a Bed Space/Bathroom for a maid/driver per weekend stay (Food is not included) ------ Php 300.00/per maid/driver per night.
  8. Set meal service is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soft drinks, beer and wine can be served but an additional charge will be collected per consumption. For children age 7 years and above the above-mentioned food package rate will be applied.
  9. Request for Maid Service ------ Maid service for the Guests staying at the Units can be provided on a full time basis during their stay to assist in the cleaning, cooking etc. at a fee of Php 400.00 per day.
  10. Arrangements can be made for massage services and this has to be requested at the time of the reservation. Cost for the massage ------ Php 450.00 per hour.
  11. Speed Boat rental ------ Php 5,000.00 per hour plus actual fuel consumed. Arrangements for the rental of the Speed Boat can be done at the time of booking. Arrangements for other water craft and other recreational equipment such as jet skis or all-terrain vehicles can also be made.
  12. In the event a pet is allowed there will be a corresponding charge of Php 300.00 per night to cover for the cleaning cost of the Unit and dogs allowed into the Inn must be on a leash at all times when there are other guests around

For those interested to do island hopping or beach hopping, kindly advise us at the time of booking so we can make the necessary arrangements for you.